Powerhouse Comedy Club

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Comedians must sign up in advance.

Comedians must register below before he or she can be considered for a Guest Spot. Please complete the form below! From the entries we pick up to two comedians per show. You will be notified by text and or email which show you will perform in. If you choose to cancel please give us 72hr notice, so we can give your time to someone else.

The show starts at 8:00pm. You MUST sign-in at the club between 7:30pm - 7:50pm. Everyone gets up to 5 minutes on stage. Be sure to watch the red light! If you go over your time to much, you will not get time again on our stage. Respect the time, audience, and other comedians. If you're not picked to perform this week, don't be discouraged your time will come! Do well on our stage and you may open one of our Special Guest Spots.

Good News we have always have an official from Nuff Said Entertainment & Management in the house looking to book & manage new talent.

Please note because you have signed up for a guest spot, you are giving us we the right to use your likeness in our club promotions on our website & social media. Never for a DVD or any other types of sales without your permission.

.Please note: This is not an open mic — this is a Real Powerhouse show in-front of a live audience.

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